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Standard EN 124 : 1994

Standard EN 124 introduces the notion of groups and classes of strength or resistance in accordance with the locations at which the products intended for the public road network will be used.

Classe A15

Classe B125
Classe C250

Test load

15 KN.

Test load

125 KN.

Test load

Areas for the specific use of pedestrians and cyclists.

Pavements, pedestrian zones and similar areas, car parking areas and multi-storey car parks.

Covers installed in the gutters running alongside pavements with a maximum of 50 cm on the roadway and 20 cm on the pavement.
Classe D400
Classe E600
Classe F900
Test load
400 KN.

Test load
600 KN.

Test load
900 KN.

Traffic lanes, streets/roads (including pedestrian zones), hard shoulders and parking areas for all types of road vehicle.

Areas with high axle loads such as docks and airport runways.

Areas with especially high axle loads such as airport runways.

The standard states that the choice of appropriate class is the sole responsibility of the project principal.
If there is any doubt about which class to use, the higher class must always be chosen.


Standard EN 124
  • determines the technical characteristics of the products
  • requires production quality control equivalent to ISO 9001
  • requires quality control by a third party of the 2 previous provisions
PIL products meet the criteria of standard EN 124 and are certified by the BS quality label.
The European Standards implemented by the members of the CEN, the national standardisation institutes of the member countries of the CEN, are identical.
Standards NF EN 124, BS EN 124 and DIN EN 124 are therefore identical.
See the confirmation from the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN)
PIL has obtained a REACH compliance certificate.
See the reach compliance certificate
Markings in compliance with standard EN 124
In order to comply with standard EN 124, a product must display the following markings on all its elements:
a) identification of the manufacturer and place of production
b) resistance/strength class
c) reference standard
d) certification marking
  • The characteristics of the products are guaranteed when they are installed in accordance with current regulations and legislation.
  • All drawings, photos, weights and dimensions are provided as a guideline and are without contractual value.
  • PIL's policy of continuous development and improvement requires it to reserve the right to change the characterisitcs of its products without prior notice.
  • Installation locations are stated in accordance with the provisions standard EN 124:1994.
  • Under no circumstances can PIL be deemed liable for having recommended an installation location with this documentation.
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